Part I of…we’ll see

22 Apr

We met countless reps while at NAB in Vegas last week, and were seriously blown away by the technology, ideas, passion and enthusiasm in the mobile/tech world. This is the first in a series of posts aimed at sharing some cool links and awesome people.
We spoke with Kathleen Barrett, President and Associate Editor-in-Chief, about WomensRadio, their audience and reach. They have several different divisions: WomensRadio, WomensCalendar, and AudioAcrobat. Their mission? “To give women a larger voice over the greatest geographic area, for the purpose of creating
balance and greater prosperity for all.” From their brochure:

The site is reaching some half million women leaders every month and
expanding rapidly. Currently there are over 30 Hosts and Contributing Editors
and a waiting list of over 200.

We like the idea of partnering with platforms such as this as we see VodoModo content being exceptionally valuable to home-schooling moms nationwide. Obviously both moms and dads make education decisions for their families, but WomensRadio seems to be doing an excellent job of reaching women and mothers, and we look forward to learning more about them.


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