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Gr8 mtg Monday nite. Excited abt teams c …

27 Apr

Gr8 mtg Monday nite. Excited abt teams commitment & passion 4 sharing the vision of wht R U passionate abt?


Part I of…we’ll see

22 Apr

We met countless reps while at NAB in Vegas last week, and were seriously blown away by the technology, ideas, passion and enthusiasm in the mobile/tech world. This is the first in a series of posts aimed at sharing some cool links and awesome people.
We spoke with Kathleen Barrett, President and Associate Editor-in-Chief, about WomensRadio, their audience and reach. They have several different divisions: WomensRadio, WomensCalendar, and AudioAcrobat. Their mission? “To give women a larger voice over the greatest geographic area, for the purpose of creating
balance and greater prosperity for all.” From their brochure:

The site is reaching some half million women leaders every month and
expanding rapidly. Currently there are over 30 Hosts and Contributing Editors
and a waiting list of over 200.

We like the idea of partnering with platforms such as this as we see VodoModo content being exceptionally valuable to home-schooling moms nationwide. Obviously both moms and dads make education decisions for their families, but WomensRadio seems to be doing an excellent job of reaching women and mothers, and we look forward to learning more about them.

Calls and more

21 Apr

By: Steve Radlinger, ceo and founder

It’s easy to get caught up in the activities and tasks required to get a start-up off the ground. Had a call today though that reminded me of some of the reasons I got (and stay) in this business.

I had the chance to chat with Ted over at Brightcove today. They’re a great video distribution platform – widely used, very good video transcoding, top partners. Actually, I’m hoping we can leverage the partnership to distribute our content on sites that have tons of traffic, with possibly a rev share with them. They understand Vodomodo content is one-of-a-kind, way beyond other travel content out there, and that more and more folks are looking for premium destination content, the kind we deliver along with a memorable travel experience.

I also took a few minutes to review another look at direct mail piece we’re going to be sending out to local merchants near our mini-movie locations in DC, NYC and PHL for starters – spent 3 hours on it on Sunday, 5 yesterday and another 2 today and got feedback from several colleagues.

This called for a quick 10 minute break – the weather here in Wisconsin is nice and warm this week – during which I took a breather to reflect.

There’s always activities and tasks, but talking to people and seeing the enthusiasm is probably the best part of my day.

How about you? What are you working on these days? Email or leave a comment, would love to hear from you!


14 Apr

If you’re going to launch a super cool, universally appealing product may I suggest doing so during NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) in Las Vegas? Between the conferences, exhibits and never-ending social events, it’s a constant stream of broadcasters, vendors, service providers, content distributors, media and more.

VodoModo met up with folks all day yesterday and is gearing up for more today. Everyone loves the product, but it’s the content distributors that are particularly intrigued by the possibilities. We even had a global company theorizing how to reach overseas tourists as they travel to the U.S.!

Consumers and press alike are perking up to VodoModo, and we were thrilled to send out today’s press release launching the brand that will change how tourists see their favorite sites:

Vodomodo’s Smartphone Videos Provide Valuable Information to Travelers
History, images, other details help immerse tourists in their travel experience

Madison, WI, April 14 – ( will launch its premiere mobile destination video service on Wednesday (April 14), providing travelers with short, streaming videos that provide historical information, a variety of archived images, geographically and contextually targeted information, all designed to help tourists get the most out of their experiences.

The five-minute mini-movies tell travelers all they need to know – from history to bricks and mortar to the stories and anecdotes behind famous landmarks – complete with music, archival images of each site and the people who made it possible – all displayed on the tourist’s smartphone or other Web capable device.
A sample video of the Washington Monument is available and at (for smartphones).

The nation’s capital, a popular tourist destination that is full of historical landmarks and other tourist treasures, is one of the first cities to be featured on the VodoModo service. Lyn Locke, director of marketing for L’Enfant Plaza Hotel in downtown Washington, D.C., sees VodoModo as a travel tool that will be invaluable for hotel guests, so he’s using VodoModo to advertise the hotel’s American Grill restaurant. The contemporary American restaurant is a “What’s Nearby” advertiser near the Jefferson Memorial and the Washington Monument.

“VodoModo is a terrific product and travel tool,” Locke said. “Visitors to the Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial are often unfamiliar with the area and want to be able to find a convenient, nearby place for a meal after visiting the historical sites. They can find us easily through this service, so we will offer VodoModo’s Washington City tour as a feature on our website and our concierges will mention VodoModo to all our guests.” 
Wednesday’s launch is just the first step in what VodoModo officials expect to be an invaluable service for travelers worldwide.

“Today’s travelers are mobile-enabled, video-centric and they want to be immersed in the history of the sites they visit,” said Steve Radlinger, VodoModo’s chief executive officer. “We have created a made-for-mobile multimedia experience that makes travel more fun, much easier and certainly more memorable. And it’s all right in the palm of your hand.”

The new product goes a step further: It tells the travelers where to go for services around the corner with the “What’s Nearby” feature, a unique location technology that delivers geographical and contextually targeted information, with or without GPS.

“Travelers also want to know where to grab a bite to eat near the landmarks they’ve visited or plan to visit, so we made that easy, as well,” Radlinger said. “Local participating merchants receive a free mobile page, so for advertisers it’s like having their name on a local landmark. They reach engaged tourists who are in a spending mindset, just steps from advertisers’ doors. Our content is also ideally suited for partners in travel, media and geolocation and map navigation who want to engage travelers online and via their mobile devices or other Web-devices.”

VodoModo now has over 100 mini-movies completed on the most-visited historic landmarks and sites in Washington, D.C., New York City, Philadelphia and San Francisco. That number will double soon at sites that attract nearly 200 million annual visitors in nine major U.S. markets.  The launch includes 50 initial sites. Three to five new sites will be added every couple of weeks throughout 2010.

About VodoModo
Madison, WI – based VodoModo includes researchers; writers; narrators; photographers and content editors. Visit at to view 30-second “sneak peek” previews, What’s Nearby and mini-movies of famous landmarks.  Go to on a smart phone to view mini-movies in Washington, New York City and Philadelphia. Travelers can watch mini-movies or listen to narrator-only tours on any web-enabled device including iPad, iPhone, Blackberry and Android smartphones.

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tel/txt 608.228.6518

Hello world! We’re launching at NAB nex …

9 Apr

Hello world! We’re launching at NAB next week, stay tuned!